The Priestess

She is the woman who walks her path, guided by her soul, guided by the Goddess.

Her path is solitary, unique and sacred, known to her and her alone.

As she walks, she may find that others gradually appear, walking alongside,

Walking their own paths, smiling at each other. 

She may find that the voice of others speak her words, thoughts and feelings, ideas and actions,

They may take her further, deeper, beyond,

Expanding, shifting, remembering…. her Self.

Remembering Her Self.

Remembering Her Self as Sacred, as the Feminine Divine, as the Goddess.

Remembering Her Self as Gaia, as Elohim, as Source.

She may find herself gathered up in a warm, gentle flow of love, of consciousness, of light.

She may find a new strength in the gathering of others, a gathering of Priestesses.

Still on her own unique and sacred path, she may find a new depth and belonging amongst her Priestess Sisters.

And still she Walks.

Daniella Breen