The Priestess Calling

Do you hear the Calling? The Calling of the Priestess?

She is the one who is listening to her soul, following her own unique path, into the Truth of Her – the Ultimate Sacred Truth.

She is the one who is the Goddess, the Feminine Divine. She is the Expression of Light, the Creation of Love, Her Being is the Heart.

Every Wednesday Morning (or Tuesday afternoon if you’re over USA way), some gorgeous women and I gather together for a call I hold – The Sacred Heart of the Priestess call. During this call we spiral up into high frequencies of light and love, raising everyone’s vibration and consciousness and holding it there for the duration of the call. Consciousness shifts and expands, wounds heal, energy clears and Love Rules. The experience is joyful and grand. For many years I have worked with women in their capacity as priestesses – the combined consciousness of a group of women aligning with the Ultimate She Sacred Truth is powerful. When this group consciousness is focused in a specific direction with the intention of creation, expansion, healing, support, recovery and ascension, the consequences can be extraordinary.

Join our call every week for powerful downloads, initiations, entrainments, alignments and attunements. Do you hear the Calling?