The Heart Light Alignment Tool is finally here!

I have been promising this one for years! I have recorded it a number of times but have not been happy with the recordings, so have never made it available. Now, however, I am very happy with the flow and the frequency of the recording and so have uploaded it and posted it’s availability on the Sacred Heart Tools page.

The recording goes for about 14 minutes, and takes you into your Heart Light – which is a core pathway to aligning with the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You, and flows with Consciousness while you are there, developing your presence in this amazing state of Being.

I invite you to work with this tool on a regular and as you deepen your ability to go into and integrate with your Heart light, to do so throughout your day, which over time continually raises your alignment with your own Unique Sacred Consciousness.

The MP3 tool is $10USD to download and once you have it you can listen to it as often as you choose.  Go Here to get  the Heart Light Alignment tool.

With Love, Daniella