A Woman’s Pace

I have my own pace. Sometimes rapid, other times slow, as long as it’s true (Sacred Pace rather than ‘head pace’) it’s beautiful and holds a stillness to it throughout. I share this, because I know other women understand what I am talking about. We were for too long caught up in men’s pace, men’s space, men’s defined systems, systems that excluded women in the design and the consciousness – it never really worked for us, and here we are, finally returning to our own pace.

So, today, my pace is slow. I have no assigned work, I awoke to a heavy, beautiful rainy day, and my moonflow started, which makes me feel sluggish and achey. Like so many, I am working deeply on myself and my moontime is this powerful time of flow and release and is always used to help clear out heavy duty old stuff. I am feeling it deeply and have been clearing all night, and I’m tired but relaxed and peaceful.

So my plan for today, is that I have no plan. I may sleep, watch a movie and drink cups of peppermint tea, journal, create, commune with light, or even bake. My heart is open, my mind is relaxed and I am peace-filled.