Sacred Heart Tools

There are many skills and tools that make a huge difference to this journey. Here are some of them.

Using guided processes and visualisation to work with your energy system can take a bit of practice. The more you do it, the more effective you are at it, so don’t worry if you don’t feel anything right away. The key word is ‘imagination’. Using your ‘imagination’ to follow these guided processes will take you directly into where you need to go.


Deep Chakra Maintenance

Guided Energy Work – Audio MP3 and pdf file.

This 40 minute recording guides you through a deep cleanse and balancing of each chakra and the chakra system as a whole. The chakra system is your connection to everything as a human being. All of your communication and connection with the World and All That Is, takes place via the chakra system. At the same time it processes massive amounts of emotional and mental trauma from this and other lives. It gets damaged, grimy and distorted, and needs to be cleared and maintained.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed when you settle down into this work.

This downloads as a zip folder

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Soul Clearing Process

This 30 minute MP3 audio recording guides you through a process dealing with the build-up that occurs through your chakra system as your soul releases a plethora of old trauma-based energetic stuff. Your chakra system is designed to process this stuff, however, the system can and does become periodically congested and this guided process will help to clear the congestion so that your system works well.

This guided process complements the ‘Deep Chakra Maintenance’ process listed above. Where the Deep Chakra Maintenance cares for the chakras at an individual level, the Soul Clearing Process works at a Chakra System level and supports the system as a whole as well as the soul level work of clearing out old energetic junk.

This recording downloads as a zipped folder. Make sure once you pay, that you stay with Paypal and it will share with you the download link.


Heart Light Alignment

Deep in the center of your heart, is the most beautiful star of light. This light is amazing, powerful, eternal and unshakeable. This light is the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You.

Developing your alignment with this light takes time and commitment and is a core pathway into fully integrated alignment with the Ultimate Sacred Truth of All That You Are.

This MP3 recording runs for about 13 minutes. It downloads as a zipped folder. Make sure, once you pay, that you stay with Paypal and it will share the download link with you.