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Sacred Heart of the Priestess

The Sacred Heart of the Priestess is an Order of Priestesses dedicated to their alignment with the Sacred Truth and using their deepening Mastery to support Humanity and All of Gaia’s Civilisation into Sovereignty.

The Order is governed by the High Priestess, Daniella Breen who honours each Priestess and supports their journey with mentoring in High Consciousness and Ascension skills.

We gather together twice weekly,

SHP – Round Table Discussion: Every Sunday afternoon (USA) or Monday morning (Aust) on our private forum for a discussion on various topics.  The topic of the week may be focused on opening up one of the guided processes we have on our calls (see below) or going deep into a topic of choice. The live component lasts an hour but the topic stays open so discussions can continue as long as the interest remains.

SHP – The Call: Every Thursday (USA) or Wednesday midday (Aust) we meet for a live Teleconference call. During this call the Priestesses are guided through a deep process expanding consciousness, clearing energy, and other work relating to Ascension and God Alignment. These Calls are recorded and the recording shared with the participants. These calls are sometimes the topics of discussion during the Round Table Forum gatherings.

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Love, Daniella

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