Sacred Heart of the Priestess Call


The Priestess is one who knows herself as Sacred. Who holds within herself the Consciousness of All Women – The Goddess. She lives and breathes devotion to her own ever-expanding alignment with All That She Is. She walks a solitary path unique to her soul and she does it side-by-side with other priestesses.

She is the Goddess, she is Gaia, She is Mary.

She is The Maiden, She is the Mother, She is the Crone.

Every week, Daniella holds a live call during which women who identify themselves and each other as Sacred Priestesses are taken through a process or series of processes with the focus of consciousness expansion, raising their frequency or other ascension development work.

If you participate in the Call and find that you love it, you can become a member of the Priestess Order of the Sacred Heart. With this you will become a member of a beautiful and growing community of women devoted to their alignment to the Sacred Truth of Themselves.

  1. As well as joining us on the weekly call,
  2. You will receive links to the recordings of any session you participate in;
  3. You will be invited to join our online exclusive forum community (held on this site)
  4. If you can’t make it on the live Call but want to participate, then set up the monthly subscription via the button below and you can join the forum and be able to listen to the recordings and participate in the discussions. You’ll also have access to prior recordings via the forum. The cost is $133 per month.

The call usually lasts about an hour, and you can participate via phone or online connection.


Midday, on Wednesdays, AEDT (Victoria, Tasmania – Australia);

6pm Tuesdays, PDT (California, USA).


$25USD Per Session

Sacred Heart of the Priestess Mentoring Sessions

For regular attendees of the Sacred Heart of the Priestess Call these One-on-one sessions are significantly reduced – normally these sessions are $160US, however if you are attending 3-4 Sacred Heart of the Priestess Call sessions per month, you only pay $120US per session.


$120US per session