Sacred Heart Community

So what is a Sacred Community? Everyone on Earth is a part of a great multi-realm sacred community. Just like all humans, all beings of Earth, our community has been through a lot. However we will not be complete as individuals, we will not be masters unless we rebuild our beautiful Earth Unity. The humans, animals, the fae and more, are family. True Sacred Family.

Right now, we are unravelling the mess, our own mess, we are healing, remembering, expanding, coming together. We do this individually, privately, that deep, secret, sacred relationship with Soul, with I AM, with God. We also do this communally. Together. As One. Each one of us on our own journey, and side-by-side, feeling the smiles and fears of each other and knowing exactly how that feels.

I hold an expression of Gaia’s Sacred Community on Facebook and you are welcome to join us. Here’s the Link.