From Daniella: March 29th 2016

Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my new site – although I am still getting it up to standard, it’s developing nicely thankyou (smile). So, let me show you around.

  1. The look of the site is the slowest moving, I do love a lovely looking site, but most of you know I am all about the words and that’s where my focus is primarily for the moment.
  2. The Paypal buttons were a problem for a short time there, but they’ve been sorted out thank goodness – thank you for your patience!
  3. There are two primary focuses in my work here – The Sacred Heart of the Priestess – an order of priestesses dedicated to aligning to their Ultimate Sacred Selves and walking side-by-side on their journey; and the Consciousness Mentoring which shares sacred consciousness, tools and light technician work to accelerate the movement of humanity and all of Earth’s civilisation into the New World.
  4. You will see a developing library of audios, videos and articles focused on subjects relevant to my work.

There’s plenty more to share so please keep coming back and checking out this place.

With love, Daniella