Live Training

Sacred Heart Priestess Training

Psychic Tools Development Course

This training is going to take your psychic abilities (undeveloped or developed) into use as tools for your Soul Work as an individual and in groups.

This will be held over four sessions, each session focusing on a different aspect of your psychic development.

Session 1: Auric Field Work

In this training you’ll be developing your ability to work in your Auric Field – playing, manipulating, clearing, optimising. This is 2 hours of playful building of your psychic skill – Energy Work.

Session 2: Spirit World Communication

In this training you’ll be building your ability in two way communication with the Spirit World. In particular the Angelic Realm.

Session 3: Psychic Travel (not Astral Travel)

In this training you’ll be developing your ability to travel and work psychically. This tool is powerful in advanced global healing work – and will take your skills to a whole new level. Please note that this is not Astral Travel, it is Conscious Psychic Travel.

Session 4: Divination Using Oracle Cards

In this training you will be using Oracle Cards to open doors into Consciousness Streams. Learning to build your ability to open into the flow and direct it.

The Psychic Tools Development Course is great foundation training for taking your growing psychic abilities and directing them into useful skills for your expanding Soul Expressions. When you have that deep desire to step into Sacred Light Work, Soul Purpose and Soul Expression, the need to start shaping your experience of how you can use your psychic ability becomes imperative. As always, this is the training, and it is up to you to work with what you learn here and develop it, deepen it, and expand on it.

The Course is to be held once a week over four weeks.

Below I give the times for Pacific (Los Angeles); Tasmania, Aust; and London Time

Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

Sundays 7pm to 9pm

4th June

11th June

18th June

25th June

Tas, Australia Time

Mondays, Midday to 2pm

5th June

12th June

19th June

26th June


London, England Time

Mondays, 3am to 5am

5th June

12th June

19th June

26th June


Secure Your Position by Paying Now

The Course is $200USD and you can pay two ways


Weekly at $50USD (payments will commence immediately and be taken weekly over 4 weeks)


In one Single Payment of $200USD



Teams Training

During these 2 hour training sessions – you will be meeting and developing your relationship with some of the many Teams I work with. You will be learning how to work with them to clear and repair your auric field and soul field, as well as learning how to work with them to make life easier as you move through these Ascension Times.

First Session:

28th September, 11am, (Aussie, Tas time)

2 hours, Conference



Second Session:

3rd March, 1.30pm, (Aussie, Tas time)

2 hours Conference


Working In The Core

Your Core exists through the center of your body, your being, and from the Earth’s core all the way to Source (through all dimensions). During this training you will learn how to relate to it, work with it and use it to align with the highest frequencies of all of your relationships, all of your life and most importantly your Self. This play-shop is fun, lighthearted, joy-filled and powerful. You will walk away with consciousness and tools that will, if used, create deep changes in your life and your world.

During this 2 hour Play-shop you will be learning to relate to and work with your beautiful core.  This training and developing these skills requires your imagination and playful heart.  You will receive access to the recording of the Play-shop (please don’t share with others).

Australia AEST 10am, 6th October 2016
USA, Los Angeles – 4pm, Wednesday 5th October, 2016
Book Now – $40USD

Energy Clearing Playshop

You have the most beautiful, amazing auric field – that represents a massive, complex and wonderful Earth Ship – your body, your field, your chakras and more. The question is, just how much do you relate to it, play with it, take care of it, own it?

During this 2 hour Playshop, you will spend time in your auric field – clearing it, taking care of it, playing with it. Make sure you bring your wide beautiful open playful heart and your imagination when you join us!

The playshop takes place globally – you can join us via the internet or phone. You will be sent the invitation details when you book your place by paying (paypal link below).

Australia, Vic time 10am Thursday, 1st September.

LA Time, 5pm, Wednesday, 31st August

(I recommend converter to figure out your time locally).

Come and Play!!!




Conscious Expansion In Your Life


Knowing that you are ultimately Sovereign in your life is great in theory, but how do you get there? How do you consciously move from the distortions and confusion in every day life, into the state of Sovereignty?

This session is focused on looking at a specific situation in your life and building the pathway to the state of Sovereignty.

This work is powerful in accelerating your journey to Sovereignty, developing the steps of Consciousness from where you are operating to where you truly choose to be.

By the time you finish this session, you will have a deeper understanding of and presence in the journey from the tangle to Sovereignty and be able to apply that consciousness to the many different aspects of your life.

This training session commences at 11:00AM on 5th May, 2016 AEST. If you need to convert that time, I recommend the converter to determine the relevant time for you.

It will be held via teleconference – you will have the option of either phoning in accessing the call using Skype.

Once you’ve paid for your place on the call, I will email you with booking details.