True Earth – You Belong Here

Gaia Light

You belong here. But you belong here in High Consciousness. There is the Lie, and then there is True Earth. (Even without the New Earth this is the case). The Lie is frantic, it’s disorienting, it’s painful, it’s disempowering, enslaving and cruel. It’s work oriented rather than soul oriented. It’s money oriented (fear of being without) rather than Soul Oriented.

How to align with True Earth? The Heartbeat of Mother Earth. Find a quiet place of nature – sit still.

Sink down into the Earth. Right down to the core. Be Still.

The more time you spend like this, the more you will feel her, hear her, the slow, steady, single beat of Mother Earth’s Heart.

The more you spend time with her heartbeat, the more you align with it instead of all the other crazy rhythms of the Lie.

True Earth is love, it is abundance, all things are covered, you do not go without. You have all you need and want (although what you want changes as anxiety driven false desires vanish).