I Am Not Here to Fix the Old World!

fairy realm

I am not here to fix the world. I am here to build the new world. As we rise up into the highest frequencies of the different dimensions, we have authority, strength and power that don’t exist in the lower systems. It is here in the highest frequencies that our creative, loving, high conscious skills and knowings can play. This is where we remember ourselves and what we choose and we remember how to put it all together.

Once everyone has gathered here and has healed from their time in the dungeons, (we’ll spend a lot of time just relishing what we missed out on, healing the suffering of others and animals and so on, recovering all that we lost) – once we are free of all of that imbalance, we will then be ready to shift over to the new world.

It is a real place – not geographically different (no space ships will be involved in the journey) but energetically much higher than our current home, even in it’s highest form. Everyone will be moving there. No darkness, no violence, no suffering. Definitely lots of challenges, wonderful challenges, that push us, that frustrate us, that delight us. So much to look forward to. It will still be our Gaia, it will still be Earth, just a whole new foundation light grid, upgraded to a new design.

In love and joy! Daniella Breen