Stillness In The Storm

Wherever you are now, breathe.

Stop whatever you are doing, and just breathe.

Feel yourself rising up. Rising up into higher light.

Feel all of the gunk slip away from you like silk.

Feel yourself lighten up.


Rise up higher and higher into the light.

Feel all the distorted relationship stuff fall away, leave it all behind, let it all go, as you rise up higher into the light.


Feel more of yourself resting, relaxing, relating more to the light.

Feel your cells, once in erratic vibration, smoothing out, becoming the light that they are, letting any distortion, any disease, slip away, vibrate away, and your cells rise up into higher light, easily, simply, breathe.

The light is where you belong. You have been buried in density for so long now that the tangles take a while to unravel, the patterns and imprints are being written over, but you are doing it, so breathe. And rise up. And open to the light.

Breathe. Rise up. Let the old things slip away, let them go. Rise up some more. Open to the light. Let it rewrite your field as you rest in the light. Breathe…..

In the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen.