I Am

I Am Earth, I AM Sky, I Am Sun, I Am Moon,
I Am the whispering wind, the beckoning air, the flowing water,
I Am the dance of the fire, the depth of the earth.
I Am the stars in the sky, I Am The Sky.
I Am the Goddess, the Queen, the Princess, the Warrior,
I Am the Shaman, the Guardian,
I Am the Heart, I Am the Lioness, I Am the Dragonness,
I Am the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.
I Am the Cosmos, I Am the Universe,
I Am Source of All That Is, I Am Woman.
I Exist in All Ways, I Exist Everywhere, I AM.
To know me is to know your Self.
To love me is to love your Self.
I Am All That Is, I Am.

Daniella Breen