I love the beauty of each individual!
Celebrate your beautiful unique self.
Celebrate your skin colour, your gender, your heritage, your hair!
Celebrate the land you were born on, the land that you live in.
Celebrate your beautiful unique, magical heart.
Celebrate your gypsy soul or your homebody nature,
Celebrate that you dive into books and get lost,
That you love to garden, or hike, or run.
Celebrate that you love the quiet moments to self or
The noisy mess of family and friends!
Celebrate that you love the sunshine, the rain,
The day or the night, the clouds, the stars,
The beach, the desert, the land, the oceans.
Celebrate the magical truth of You,
And as you do……
Look up and see with laughter and joy,
All of the other unique and beautiful individuals across existence.
See sacredness Everywhere!
With the deepest Love and Respect, Daniella Breen