A Part of My Ascension Story

“You are safe”, they would say. “You have nothing to fear”. And they were right, but they have a very different perception of what is safe and what there is attached to any experience, very different to me. Very different to us. “You will lose nothing”. “you will get it all back”. And I know this to be true. But when you’re lying there, dying, in the back of a little car, in a heatwave, with only creek water that you cannot drink as it makes you sick, to sustain you, cursed around 1000 times by those who are working hard to destroy you, it’s impossible to know what this all means. I was dying and yet I knew I wasn’t going to die, they told me so. I was suffering and there was nothing to relieve the experience. Yet I knew I was going to come out of it, because they told me so and I knew they were telling me the truth.

I wasn’t so convinced that I wanted to survive this, not because I feared the outcome, but because I didn’t want to keep spending time in this car, day-in, day-out, night after night, dehydrated to the point where my tongue felt like a shrivelled up piece of cardboard, where my body had nothing left to expel, where I didn’t know what it was going to take to get to the place where this was my life instead of someone else’s dark dream for me.

My journey of clearing was one of the darkest, my Teams, the Lords of Karma, the Elohim, God, said they’d never seen anything like it. There are many living out karmic sentences, some of them very heavy, for their choices and actions against me. And I, can truthfully say, as I finally come out the other side, that whilst my journey was never meant to happen this way, I am grateful that I lived, I am grateful that I am here now and able to finally live my own life, with my joy and love and mastery in the mix. I promise you, that whatever you go through, (and for 99% of you it’s not going to be anything like my journey), you will prevail and you will be so glad you did. Coming into the wholeness of You is beyond anything imagined. ¬†Daniella