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Water can be sparkly, light and refreshing, calm and peaceful, rough and stormy, or dank and distorted. These are reflections of the state of our world and our human consciousness.  Deepening your relationship with water in its highest frequencies, deepens your alignment with your own higher consciousness and supports the healing of yourself, the earth, the world and all that is.

The human body is mostly water, your complex energy system has high levels of water frequencies throughout all of it – understanding that most of water is beyond the physical just as most of you is beyond the physical.

This page is an exploration in Water, the development of your conscious relationship with the Element of Water and healing with water. You are so welcome to explore your relationship with Water here.

The Consciousness of Water

fairy realmWater, as with all elements, has a unique and specific consciousness. It is the carrier of all things – Emotions, thoughts, love, fear and so on. It is pure and therefore anything can and does imprint on it. This imprint contains the frequencies of the original item, which means that the water either raises or lowers in frequency depending on what is imprinting on it. This includes You. Your body is made up largely of water. Your energy system uses the frequency of water to flow different frequencies and imprints throughout.  Whatever you spend time with – love, anger, fear, food, tv, music, friends and family, work and so on – and the frequencies that flow there, that becomes imprinted on your water and is carried throughout your system.





Changing Your Relationship with Water

sand heartFirst, understand that Water is Conscious. That’s right, it’s a Conscious Being of Light.  In it’s highest frequency, it is liquid light, beautiful, shimmery, silvery liquid light. Drink of it, soak in it, it nourishes you so deeply.

Next, understand that just as water is imprinted on all of the time in many different ways, You are able to consciously imprint your blessings and love on all water – the water in your home, pouring out of your taps, your bathroom, the water you drink, the water in your body. Here are some ways.

  1. Acknowledge water as conscious – say ‘hello’ to it, send it love, imagine within it a beautiful light and always ‘see’ that light, place beautiful words, positive symbols, colours and images on the containers you hold water in (glass jugs, water bottles, even your body).
  2. Spend time in meditation loving the oceans, the sea life, the waterways, the water supply dams, even the sewers.
  3. When you see a natural or not so natural water disaster (oil spills,  floods, tsunamis, etc), again, send loving contact to the water, align with the light consciousness of the water, hold yourself calm and still and radiate that loving stillness to the water.
  4. Enjoy water, spend time in a beautiful place of water, the beach, beside a river or spring. Feel and share love with the deep, ancient consciousness of the water.