When Someone is Suffering….


When you see someone, suffering because they’re re-running a painful ‘memory’ over and over again, it is quite possible that they are doing this because the issue is current for them. They may be working through something and their focus on it is required for them to process what they need to process. They may have soul wounding that this experience has caused or even more likely triggered or opened up, and the resulting reverberations can be crippling to some people.

You are not required to fix everyone. We are in the most powerful time of transition in Humanity’s history and the consequences can be really tough. Respecting someone who is going through this means patience, it means you don’t have to have the answers and it’s perfectly okay to say “I don’t know”. They may benefit from professional help – therapy, soul healing, consciousness mentoring – and it’s okay to be their friend and realise that you aren’t qualified to do that.

It’s okay to create space between you if what they are going through is too much for you. You are, after all, going through your own journey. Be careful of throwing around the little quips that so often about the shallow end of the awakening community – “let it go”, “just forgive”, are two that immediately come to mind. They’re not always helpful, and unfair to someone who is vulnerable and dealing with something well beyond others comprehension.

People understandably, want everything to be okay. They want their friends to stop suffering, grieving, angsting. People want their world to be peaceful. People who are inexperienced in self work can be guilty of quoting common ‘solutions’ – talking the talk. It’s a part of their own journey of awakening and discovery. Even the long termers of this work can be avoiding their deepest pain, and so focus on their points of previous healing success – “at this point, I just forgave and something shifted and I was free” – whatever the final shift is, and whatever triggered that into place, it was still the very end of a lot of personal work, it was never the “be all, end all”.

In the end of this long rambling sharing, I will say this. Without respect, you do not have love. Treating people with respect includes being able to recognise that you are not the expert of them, and that you don’t have all the answers. Leave the shallow stuff behind and join the bigger journey!

With the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen