The Soul Journey

angel ascending into light 1

Before you know it, you are on the Soul Journey. The Soul Journey is the journey of your awakening from tiny human to the beautiful, amazing and unique being that you Ultimately are.

As you start exploring your spiritual beliefs and options, you can’t help but expand. Expand in your ideas of life, reality and your Self. Over time you expand beyond this life into other lives or at the very least, the idea of other lives. Eventually, this becomes a complete change in the definition of life.

For example, at some stage, you begin to relate to your life as the 10,000 years of the human journey rather than this single 80-ish year life/birth cycle. You may also begin relating to yourself as a Star being (from another planet), or Fae or otherwise having lifetimes other than your human Earth identity. Your perception expands increasingly, not just in these ways but in other ways as well. This unfoldment of awareness is in fact a remembering, it is the deepening return to the Sacred Truth of You and so your presence beyond the little human is developing and your reality deepens in all wonderful directions.

Bon Voyage Soul Travellers! With the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen