Tattoos. Consider this. You are made up of 70% water – much of it moves through your body in the form of blood. Words and symbols have vibrations and everything you write, place or tattoo on your body, travels through all of your body, including your heart, and re-wires your system, including your consciousness in certain ways.
Now, consider that we are in a time of powerful transition, the ascension journey is rapid and long. Your consciousness is changing, rising, shifting through paradigms that changes the way you perceive and relate to Everything. Which means that you may come in to a powerful and life changing concept, words, symbols, images that blow you away, transform the way you think. You may recognise that this vibration is Ultimate! You may feel it’s infinite depth and want to travel into that depth eternally. You may decide that to support that, you will tattoo it (the word, symbol, image, etc) on your body to support that. To commit to it and to hold your presence with it. But here’s the thing…..

You are shifting upwards from massive levels of compaction. You will likely have shifted through some paradigms and will likely shift through more. At some point, that deep and powerful concept/awareness that is blowing your mind right now, may become something you need to leave far behind in the future in order to continue aligning with the Sacred Truth of You.

I am not saying that you won’t be able to ascend all the way with a tattoo of dated concepts, but I am saying that it can cause drag, make things harder for a while at least. You will be flowing with old lower concepts through your system when you are trying to leave the old paradigm.

My recommendation is – don’t attach permanent vibrations to you so deeply. It’s a serious problem. Instead. Write it on your body, everyday, in the deepest ways. Allow the vibrations to flow through you, imprint on your cells, the fabric of your consciousness. And be willing to grow beyond it all. Allow your system to be a channel for higher consciousness and support that with frequency commitments that can last as long (or as short) a time as is useful to you.

Body writing, colouring is powerful. The more present you are with the choice you are making as you draw it on your body, the more powerful the vibration flowing through your system. Just remember to make it positive and love based – never anger, fear or hate based (which of course are poisonous to your system).
With deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen