Opposing Beliefs In These Times

In these Ascension times, when you have been living your purpose for many years, as you go, your purpose, your remembering of who you truly are and your perspective of Everything, expands in all directions, through all dimensions. As that happens, you watch other people you’ve known for years, on their own journeys through their own purpose do the same thing and get further and further away from you.

Every individual truly is unique in who they are and the purpose/s they arehere to fulfill. If you were to put the different paths, purposes and expressions side-by-side they may sometimes appear to contradict each other – for example the purely angelic beings will quite often be people who do not acknowledge darkness whilst the True Earth Humans (high shamans and so on) deal with the dark systems, shutting them down and reclaiming the World.

All true paths of purpose are legitimate and carry specific streams of light to anchor in humanity and Earth. The world is changing, humanity is ascending and Earth is preparing to be renewed. It is truly something to consider the vast array of beings and consciousness required to bring about such a feat. To be in judgement of others in these times is truly the act of a small mind. Earth Cultures vs White Western, Meat Eaters vs Vegans, Angelic vs Shamans, Star Beings vs Earth Guardians – it is easy, so easy to lock into the beliefs you are flowing on, and judge others on different flows without knowing all of the facts. We will all gain so much power once we let go of judging and criticising others based on our knowings and paths, and instead, anchor our own truths in our own space so clearly and strongly, that those whose souls resonate with our purpose, can not miss our frequency, and are drawn to us. Those whose souls resonate with others, will not distort our space with their varied frequencies and instead go to their true aligned alliances. This is not segregation, but alignment and it does not have to be separation, but love.

All of us, Each of us is coming into the ever-deepening alignment of our own unique Sacred Truth – the Unique, Sacred Being that we each are. Part of that is learning to identify with our soul families. To celebrate that with our selves and each other, to embrace our differences and joyfully support each other coming home and fulfilling our part in this extraordinary act of Great Love, is one of the most healing things we can be doing at this time.

Choose love, respect and suspend judgement – this is the power of a truly conscious Being. With the Deepest Love and Respect, Daniella Breen.