Money: The Original Template

I am in no confusion about the condition of money – it has been corrupted. Initially designed for improved conditions for people, it has become a system of enslavement. It creates conditions of punishment, of addiction and greed, in other words, it has become heavily distorted.

Darkness – and in order to work with any of my training, you have to first know that darkness – beyond human beings – exists and is actively controlling our human experience – darkness can not create anything from scratch. Darkness can only corrupt or distort that which is created by us – human beings – for we are the matrix of the world.

If you understand that money was created by humanity to make things easier, then understand this, the original design, foundation and template for money continues to exist. Our relationship with it tends to run via the corrupted overlays. Therefore – we struggle, we are distorted in our perception and relationship with money (and bills, and debt, and so on).

So how do we change this relationship? Of course, as you can imagine, this is a complex subject and extremely subjective to the individual and how their relationship with money is specifically distorted (there can be many layers of twists and turns). That part is your own journey, using the many tools around, you can work through it. But initially I will offer you this. Energetically we all exist – through the templates human and the created templates we as humanity have built over thousands of years – we have the unique ability of being permanently present with the original templates of design for our world. The confusion lies in the fact that we

A: don’t realise that these templates exist;

B: don’t realise that we are the creators and authorities of these templates and

C: have been trained to believe that others have authority over these systems and over us.

Now you need to realign yourself to the original Sacred Template of money. If you’re not a technician, then my suggestion is:

Align with your heart light, call in Archangel Michael, and instruct him to bring your presence to the Sacred Template of Money (always say ‘please’). As he holds you in its presence, hold yourself present with it – you may find it difficult, you may feel magnetics pulling you away from it, and you have to hold yourself strong to it. You should find over time that this eases off and it becomes easy to be in its presence. Work with this daily. As it gets easier and you get stronger with it, ask AAM to scan you and identify any distortion that requires special attention – then in that focus – again hold yourself in alignment with the Template until you feel the shift and that your alignment is clear.

Of course this is just one aspect of money flow work and you may find you need to do other work as well. However, the more aligned you are with the original light template, the stronger the rest of your money work (that is not based in corruption) will be.