From Containment to Sovereignty

angel light girl

Anywhere and Everywhere that you feel trapped in system brutality and enslavement, (systems like government, legal, religious, social and otherwise), you are held in a false, manufactured system. This immediately should tell you that it is a container that you are held within. A created prison built within the lower system.

It is at this point that it is critical to remember that you are sovereign beyond the lower system. That you are infinite and that this prison is finiteand that you can and will free yourself from the prison and all others like it to return to the experience of full sovereignty.

It is Your Consciousness that is required first and foremost to understand and own yourself as sovereign in Truth and trapped only within the containment systems of the lower system. If you don’t get that then you won’t have the power to fight to move beyond it all.

Once you understand that, the next step is to commit 100% to leaving the system, to untangling your relationship with this containment prison and to leave the entire story (‘story’ because these systems have nothing to do with Truth whatsoever) behind.

Once you are clearly committed, it’s time to call on your Higher Self, I AM Presence, spirit support system and Lords of Karma and give them this instruction (in your own words is fine) –

“I do not choose to be in any way contained or imprisoned. I DO choose to be 100% Sovereign. I call upon all of my Ascension Support System to begin work now to guide and support me beyond this and Any and All systems of containment, imprisonment and distortion that I am in any way tangled in. I instruct that you support and guide me into full Sovereignty and the complete Ascended State. With an open heart and the deepest respect to All That Is, I choose this!”

With the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen