Clarity: Time and Space Does Exist


Clarity – time does exist, space does exist, but only because we choose it to. This Universe is a creation of Time and Space. This design enables us to experience things in a linear, step-by-step journey which helps us to develop perspective. In other words it helps us to unfold and expand in consciousness in a different way to how we expand consciously outside of or beyond the Universe.

Of course, we experience time and space at its slowest and heaviest, here in 3D density, and coming out of the heavy duty journey we’ve been on, has made us feel somewhat trapped by time and space. This is because, we have been experiencing suffering and struggle through that linear, step-by-step journey.

There was a containment system for the Earth-human journey of the last 10,000 years, that used the time and space system to plot out and walk through the development of the human race and it’s preparation for anchoring Sacred God Consciousness here on Earth. That containment system began breaking down at the end of 2012. What remains is the tangle of wounded and dark consciousness which is what you are coming out of. This journey is ongoing and there is so much more to talk about but for now, this is enough! In the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen.