Building Into the River of Light

The human ascension journey is up and running. There is a massive and deep river of light consciousness flowing in the direction of the Ascended Human in the New World. So how do you develop your relationship with this beautiful river of high consciousness? In this article I will be sharing a core level of alignment. It is simple but it takes dedication to repeatedly bring yourself into this state of choosing light. 

All work always begins with the Heart Light Alignment. Deep in the center of your chest is the most beautiful streaming star of light. This light is beautiful, eternal, unshakeable. It is the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You. Imagine it, feel it, let it flood you, your body and your field.  Tune into this light every day, throughout the day. It is you aligning with your highest consciousness, your highest frequency.

With every person you think of, every person you meet, talk to, interact with in any way, feel their heartlight and feel your own. Feel/see how they each are beautiful, strong, eternal. Relate to the heartlight before and beyond relating to the human. As your heart and their heart aligns, you are aligning yourself with the highest frequency of connection and relationship flow that you can have with them.

With every aspect of your life, see the eternal light of that subject, the eternal light beyond any issue, and align with that light. Don’t assume the answers, just align with the light beyond the distorted experience, and breathe.

With every aspect of your body, your health, your energy field, your system, align with the eternal light.

There are infinite ways to choose the highest frequencies, the river of light. The more you align every aspect of your being with the highest light, the more you are aligning with the flow of the river of light that your soul is guiding you into.

If you want support in aligning with the Heart light, there is a recording available for download on this page. You will find it under the heading ‘Heart Light Alignment’.

With love, Daniella