Because You Are Human

Because you are human, because you are here on this journey. You have been bashed down for thousands of years, hundreds of life times, in so many ways, You don’t realise just how distorted, damaged and even deranged your perspective has become. Each individual is encompassed in their own distorted world. Defensive, shrinking, loud, overbearing, anxious, hammering, violent, hiding. All people, in so many different ways, patterns of behaviour that you don’t even see, or maybe you see glimpses of some things some time. Projecting your behaviour, your judgement onto those around you, fearful of being belittled yet again. Fearful of being just as small as you think you might be. Fighting to convince yourself and others that you’re vast as the promises say, sacred beyond all imagining and yet underneath it all, not really understanding what that means.

This is the journey of the Human. Initially just grabbing on to the idea that we’re not as small as we’ve been trained to believe. Not really remembering anything beyond that but there’s a faint glimpse, a glimmer of something that says, “follow that feeling, follow that idea, it means something more to you.”.

Then, after a while of following, of listening, of hoping, we start to learn and realise, we start to see things in us that are not us, things we do, say and believe that are lies, that diminish and distort our identity. We begin clearing, working, observing ourself. We start aligning to light, integrating into greater wholeness, interacting with higher consciousness, expanding with it all. Bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece, step-by-step, we remember… something. Something beyond. Something Beyond. We feel it more than we understand it, or have words for it, but it’s there. The journey continues, everyone unfolding, everyone unravelling, everyone coming Home.

With the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen