Awakening for Humanity


I so often see people speak of Awakening as though it is one single event. For some it is that moment when they realise that the world is not run by love, that the governments and other systems are not working in service to us but for greed and corruption. For others it is the realisation that their experience of the world is based on their own damage, their own wounding, their own personal stuff. There are many different perspectives that can wake someone up to the fact that things are not what they seem. But this is only the beginning.

What so many people call their Awakening is merely the first step of awakening. From here, if the remain open to the journey, they unfold, step by step by step, they go through numerous awakenings – paradigm shifts, that take them further into expanding truths in all directions. There comes a time when they no longer focus on the corrupted world to any great detail because they are in full awareness that the solution to the disaster, is to continue undoing their place in the disastrous mess. So they work on themselves, and shifting beyond the tangles they are personally in, understanding that as they undo their places in the lower world, they are contributing in powerful ways to the dissolution of the lower world, the big messes. It is your presence in the terrible dramas of the world that makes them exist. The old ways of fighting for rights and fighting for fairness, hold very little sway in a world based in control, enslavement and dominance. The real power lies in leaving the system and in doing so, building the pathway that helps others to leave.


The real power comes when you understand the power of You. That You are a part of the vast Human Consciousness Grid. That as you work from being in lower consciousness into higher consciousness, as you climb out of each of the ways in which you are tangled in the lower system, you are building a strong pathway for others to follow. Even if you never said a word about it to anyone, your journey of awakening consciousness rewrites human consciousness flow.

When you consider all of the people who are walking their own way on this journey, guided by their soul, their support system, then you can just imagine how the state of the human consciousness grid, is changing, becoming lighter, opening up, healing. If you look, you can already see how more and more of humanity is on their way home. It builds on itself, as each of us works on ourself, we add to the whole of humanity rising up – we add to the awakening of all of humanity.

Don’t be concerned though because there are many who are in 5th dimensional healing work who are working on the greater dark systems of the lower world. We have to skills and authority to shut down the monsters of the world and are working to do so.

With the deepest love and respect, Daniella Breen