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Reclaiming Our World as Sacred

As humanity rises up into the Sacred Heart, we are increasing our strength and attention towards reclaiming our World and our Planet from distortion. On this site, under the Sacred Heart Community page, is a new page called Reclaim Our World. On this page are videos focusedRead more

I Am Not Here to Fix the Old World!

I am not here to fix the world. I am here to build the new world. As we rise up into the highest frequencies of the different dimensions, we have authority, strength and power that don’t exist in the lower systems. It is here in the highestRead more

True Earth – You Belong Here

You belong here. But you belong here in High Consciousness. There is the Lie, and then there is True Earth. (Even without the New Earth this is the case). The Lie is frantic, it’s disorienting, it’s painful, it’s disempowering, enslaving and cruel. It’s work oriented rather thanRead more