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A Part of My Ascension Story

“You are safe”, they would say. “You have nothing to fear”. And they were right, but they have a very different perception of what is safe and what there is attached to any experience, very different to me. Very different to us. “You will lose nothing”. “youRead more

My Beloved, My Friend, My Self

My Beloved, My Friend, My Self
11:21 on 12/12/12 – I AM Sacred Love and I AM reclaiming what is mine. You Are my beloved, You Are Me and never again will we be separated. I see you, in a dark corner of a far away room, curled up, tiny and in pain.Read more

I Am

I Am Earth, I AM Sky, I Am Sun, I Am Moon, I Am the whispering wind, the beckoning air, the flowing water, I Am the dance of the fire, the depth of the earth. I Am the stars in the sky, I Am The Sky. IRead more

A State of Consciousness Beyond

Can you imagine that there is a state of consciousness, wisdom and being beyond where you are operating? Not just in the struggles, the fears, the difficulties, but even in your lightest of light states. Even in your highest wisdom. Even at your most joyous. You areRead more

Turn, Turn, Turn

You don’t have to be the warrior every day. You don’t have to be strong and powerful all the time. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to collapse in a heap, it’s okay to not have a clue, it’s okay to be overwhelmed with hurt. It’s reallyRead more

Stillness In The Storm

Wherever you are now, breathe. Stop whatever you are doing, and just breathe. Feel yourself rising up. Rising up into higher light. Feel all of the gunk slip away from you like silk. Feel yourself lighten up. Breathe Rise up higher and higher into the light. FeelRead more


I love the beauty of each individual! Celebrate your beautiful unique self. Celebrate your skin colour, your gender, your heritage, your hair! Celebrate the land you were born on, the land that you live in. Celebrate your beautiful unique, magical heart. Celebrate your gypsy soul or yourRead more