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The Heart Light Alignment Tool is finally here!

I have been promising this one for years! I have recorded it a number of times but have not been happy with the recordings, so have never made it available. Now, however, I am very happy with the flow and the frequency of the recording and soRead more

Ego Is Not A Dirty Word – latest Video

Hi Everyone, Here is my latest video, going deeper into the definitions of Ego, Wounded Ego and your ascending relationship with them. Video – Ego is Not A Dirty WordRead more

New Video 9th April 2016 – Introducing Daniella

Hey Everyone! I Am making some new videos, and this is the first of them. Enjoy! Love, Daniella Introduction Video – Consciousness ConceptsRead more

A New Sacred Tool

Hey Everyone, Such a beautiful time of the year for both hemispheres. Many of you are enjoying Spring, whilst ‘down under’ here, we’re experiencing all of the beauty of Autumn. May Peace Be Upon You. Yes! Finally, I have recorded and made available a new Sacred Tool.Read more

From Daniella: March 29th 2016

Hey Everyone, Welcome to my new site – although I am still getting it up to standard, it’s developing nicely thankyou (smile). So, let me show you around. The look of the site is the slowest moving, I do love a lovely looking site, but most ofRead more

The Priestess

She is the woman who walks her path, guided by her soul, guided by the Goddess. Her path is solitary, unique and sacred, known to her and her alone. As she walks, she may find that others gradually appear, walking alongside, Walking their own paths, smiling atRead more
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