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True Earth – You Belong Here

You belong here. But you belong here in High Consciousness. There is the Lie, and then there is True Earth. (Even without the New Earth this is the case). The Lie is frantic, it’s disorienting, it’s painful, it’s disempowering, enslaving and cruel. It’s work oriented rather thanRead more

Energy Clearing Playshop

Energy Clearing Playshop
Hey Everyone, This Thursday (or Wednesday if your in US), I am holding a playshop with your auric field. Everyone who attends is going to be playing in their energy – clearing it, feeling it, refurbishing it, and so on. It is going to be fun, gentleRead more


I love the beauty of each individual! Celebrate your beautiful unique self. Celebrate your skin colour, your gender, your heritage, your hair! Celebrate the land you were born on, the land that you live in. Celebrate your beautiful unique, magical heart. Celebrate your gypsy soul or yourRead more


Tattoos. Consider this. You are made up of 70% water – much of it moves through your body in the form of blood. Words and symbols have vibrations and everything you write, place or tattoo on your body, travels through all of your body, including your heart,Read more

The Priestess Calling

Do you hear the Calling? The Calling of the Priestess? She is the one who is listening to her soul, following her own unique path, into the Truth of Her – the Ultimate Sacred Truth. She is the one who is the Goddess, the Feminine Divine. SheRead more

Use Everything!

Use Everything…. Everything. Everything that hits you, Everything that hurts you, Everything that shocks you and wounds you and damages you. Use it to face yourself, observe yourself. Go deeper into yourself. Look beneath the surface to the reactions beneath. Follow the thoughts and feelings down theRead more

Video: What is the Tangle?

In the latest video, I am diving deeper into the subject of the Tangle. Such an important aspect of our current journey, developing understanding and skill in this subject is one that you will continue with until you are done. There will be stops and starts andRead more

Video: The Human Journey

Hello Everyone, In my latest video, I am focusing on outlining the framework for The Human Journey, under three headings. Leaving the Tangle Aligning with the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You Ascending your System Moving to the New World Of course each of these aspects are inRead more

New Video: Authority

Hey Everyone! So here’s the latest video – I’ve focused on Authority – an interesting subject that opens up as you align increasingly with the Ultimate Sacred Truth of You. Enjoy! Love, DaniellaRead more

Building Into the River of Light

The human ascension journey is up and running. There is a massive and deep river of light consciousness flowing in the direction of the Ascended Human in the New World. So how do you develop your relationship with this beautiful river of high consciousness? In this articleRead more
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