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A State of Consciousness Beyond

Can you imagine that there is a state of consciousness, wisdom and being beyond where you are operating? Not just in the struggles, the fears, the difficulties, but even in your lightest of light states. Even in your highest wisdom. Even at your most joyous. You areRead more

I Am Not Here to Fix the Old World!

I am not here to fix the world. I am here to build the new world. As we rise up into the highest frequencies of the different dimensions, we have authority, strength and power that don’t exist in the lower systems. It is here in the highestRead more

Opposing Beliefs In These Times

In these Ascension times, when you have been living your purpose for many years, as you go, your purpose, your remembering of who you truly are and your perspective of Everything, expands in all directions, through all dimensions. As that happens, you watch other people you’ve knownRead more

Turn, Turn, Turn

You don’t have to be the warrior every day. You don’t have to be strong and powerful all the time. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to collapse in a heap, it’s okay to not have a clue, it’s okay to be overwhelmed with hurt. It’s reallyRead more

Prescription for Peace

Things are feeling pretty intense and even harsh for many people right now. Here’s my prescription. Energetically immerse yourself in a beautiful soft, opalescent pink bubble of light and allow the power of the bubble to do the work, take the hits (which have no impact onRead more

Stillness In The Storm

Wherever you are now, breathe. Stop whatever you are doing, and just breathe. Feel yourself rising up. Rising up into higher light. Feel all of the gunk slip away from you like silk. Feel yourself lighten up. Breathe Rise up higher and higher into the light. FeelRead more

When Someone is Suffering….

When you see someone, suffering because they’re re-running a painful ‘memory’ over and over again, it is quite possible that they are doing this because the issue is current for them. They may be working through something and their focus on it is required for them toRead more

Awakening for Humanity

I so often see people speak of Awakening as though it is one single event. For some it is that moment when they realise that the world is not run by love, that the governments and other systems are not working in service to us but forRead more

From Containment to Sovereignty

Anywhere and Everywhere that you feel trapped in system brutality and enslavement, (systems like government, legal, religious, social and otherwise), you are held in a false, manufactured system. This immediately should tell you that it is a container that you are held within. A created prison builtRead more

The Soul Journey

Before you know it, you are on the Soul Journey. The Soul Journey is the journey of your awakening from tiny human to the beautiful, amazing and unique being that you Ultimately are. As you start exploring your spiritual beliefs and options, you can’t help but expand.Read more
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