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Money: The Original Template

I am in no confusion about the condition of money – it has been corrupted. Initially designed for improved conditions for people, it has become a system of enslavement. It creates conditions of punishment, of addiction and greed, in other words, it has become heavily distorted. DarknessRead more

A Part of My Ascension Story

“You are safe”, they would say. “You have nothing to fear”. And they were right, but they have a very different perception of what is safe and what there is attached to any experience, very different to me. Very different to us. “You will lose nothing”. “youRead more

My Beloved, My Friend, My Self

My Beloved, My Friend, My Self
11:21 on 12/12/12 – I AM Sacred Love and I AM reclaiming what is mine. You Are my beloved, You Are Me and never again will we be separated. I see you, in a dark corner of a far away room, curled up, tiny and in pain.Read more

A Woman’s Pace

I have my own pace. Sometimes rapid, other times slow, as long as it’s true (Sacred Pace rather than ‘head pace’) it’s beautiful and holds a stillness to it throughout. I share this, because I know other women understand what I am talking about. We were forRead more

My Latest Video: Being Human Is Sacred

Hey Everyone, Just want to throw in there that I don't always post my new videos here - although they always get posted in our Facebook community. The best place to keep up with my videos is on my Youtube Channel Here is my latest video: BeingRead more

Reclaiming Our World as Sacred

As humanity rises up into the Sacred Heart, we are increasing our strength and attention towards reclaiming our World and our Planet from distortion. On this site, under the Sacred Heart Community page, is a new page called Reclaim Our World. On this page are videos focusedRead more

Clarity: Time and Space Does Exist

Clarity – time does exist, space does exist, but only because we choose it to. This Universe is a creation of Time and Space. This design enables us to experience things in a linear, step-by-step journey which helps us to develop perspective. In other words it helpsRead more

News: Time Change for Priestess Call

Hello Sacred Priestesses! Please note there is a time change for our Weekly Sacred Heart of the Priestess Call. It now commences at Midday, on Wednesdays (Australia, Melbourne and Tasmania) and 6pm on Tuesdays in California time. Of course when your clocks change, you’ll need to re-adjustRead more

I Am

I Am Earth, I AM Sky, I Am Sun, I Am Moon, I Am the whispering wind, the beckoning air, the flowing water, I Am the dance of the fire, the depth of the earth. I Am the stars in the sky, I Am The Sky. IRead more

Because You Are Human

Because you are human, because you are here on this journey. You have been bashed down for thousands of years, hundreds of life times, in so many ways, You don’t realise just how distorted, damaged and even deranged your perspective has become. Each individual is encompassed inRead more
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