About Daniella

My name is Daniella Breen and my deepest love is expanding consciousness in love. Whether it’s remembering and aligning with the sacred truth of Self or pioneering new frontiers of Life and Living, I work deeply to support the expanding consciousness of humanity and all that is.

In my weekly call ‘Sacred Heart of the Priestess’, I share consciousness and take Women through various processes designed to raise their frequencies; remove obstacles; clear wounding and repair damage to the human system; reclaim aspects of self and consciousness and much more.

I have been working in Consciousness Mentoring for 20 years now, and I love the deep processes I go into when working directly with someone. People who work with me are those who are deeply dedicated to their own expansion in light. They are committed to expanding into the Ultimate Sacred Truth of themselves and are taking full advantage of the ascension processes that are now available.

I have found live and recorded training systems are wonderful methods of consciousness expansion and you will notice the individual and course systems available to be a growing list!

If you still want to learn more about Me and what I do, then why not check out my videos on my You-tube channel where I go into deep sharing about many different Ascension and Mastery subjects.