About Training

Daniella has been training Lightworkers in Ascension Consciousness and Skill for over 20 years now. From Self Management and Self Care to Psychic Development, Healing, Personal Lightwork, Global Lightwork, building relationships with the many kingdoms and realms of Earth and the Universe and Beyond. There is so much to develop your presence and skill in and build your relationship with – it’s an amazing time to be alive!

It is, of course, also, a time that requires ever developing skill and understanding. The more you are skilled in and understand, the more you are able to successfully navigate this unique and powerful time in history. The Time of Ascension – both personal and Global and ultimately Universal. You are playing an active part in this – and your job is to primarily work on yourself.

There are many layers and levels of training that I do. Some of it live via teleconference, others recorded, some one-off sessions, whilst others are courses held over a period of time.

Primary Training

Psychic Skill Development

This involves series of training sessions focusing on:

1. Understanding what psychic is, how it works (beyond the Clair-style training) and development of it.
2. Energy Field sensitivity, management and development
3. Telepathic work with the Masters and Angelic Realm
4. More to Come

Stillness Development

1. Meditation
2. Heart Light Alignment
3. Within vs Without
4. More to Come

Becoming a Global Lightworker

  1. Working as a group
  2. Using your field to hold choice and form
  3. more to come

Intermediate Training

Working With the Teams

  1. Introduction and training with powerful teams of Light Technicians
  2. Deepening your relationship, skill, tools and methods of working with these amazing masters
  3. Working with your own field
  4. Working in someone else’s field
  5. Working globally