Show me your Sacred Heart,

Speak to me with your Sacred Voice,

You, who are the Divine, the beloved, the angelic being of Wonder.

You, who are here on Earth to be God.

Show me your Self – the Truth, the Beauty, the Light.

Let me see you in your drawings,

Let me hear you in your words, your song.

Let me feel you in your shared frequencies of light.

Let me love you, for all that you are in Sacred Truth.

Don’t hide, sing out loud.

Just You without agenda.

Just You, without fear.

Just You, Just You.

The Call

The Call is a weekly global teleconference call during which you are taken through beautiful Ascension Processes.
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Consciousness Mentoring

Mentoring Session Calls with Daniella are held on Skype or teleconference system. These Calls last for one hour per session and can include:-

  • Energy Clearing and Repair work
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Alignment and Light Connection Work
  • Deprogramming and Soul Contract Clearing work, etc.
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Download Tools

Three recorded guided tools available to support your Ascension Journey. They are…

  • Deep Chakra Maintenance.
  • Soul Clearing Process.
  • Heart Light Alignment.
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Facebook Community

If you want to dive in deeper, head over to our Facebook community and sign up!
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The Sacred Heart Priestess Community!

Is a strong global community of ascension focused women led, mentored and trained by Daniella Breen.

How We Work

  • Three weekly calls for 4 different purposes
  • Call One: Round Table discussion – a topic is nominated and Daniella goes into deeper focus
  • Call Two: The Call – The group is led into a deep guided light process
  • Call Three Alternating (week 1) – Personal Lightwork – the group works on each individual in the group for clearing and alignment
  • Call Three Alternating (week 2) – Global Lightwork – The group works together on a global issue.
  • Personal Mentoring Sessions with Daniella – at a significantly reduced price to the public mentoring price.
  • Training – Regular training sessions on different subjects relevant to ascension, skill development and True Earth recovery

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